AI and Face-Recognition – a few thoughts....

Quick Read: • AI in surveillance • Face-recognition – is a massive advantage in retail • Cons of smart features – stranglehold on freedom?

Artificial intelligence is one of the most prominent trends of the last decade. When it comes to security systems, AI is becoming an indispensable tool for timely responding to various threats. Thanks to smart technologies developed by such companies as Hikvision, Aviglion, Dahua etc., security systems are increasingly more efficient, flexible, and sophisticated. AI is widely used in surveillance cameras – which can range from relatively simple line-crossing or motion-detection to face recognition and video analytics. Thanks to this technology, video surveillance systems can quickly analyze a large flow of people and detect a potential threat. An image of a person’s face is saved in a database. Later, a camera can retrieve relevant data from identify individuals it has seen before. Face recognition technology helps find offenders, configure access to buildings, and timely respond to emergency situations. The application of facial recognition technology has proved a useful tool in the commercial sector too. In particular, it may become a go-to solution to improve service and protect against lawbreakers. For example, it can notify sales staff that a key client is visiting prompting special care and extra-attention. Some consider this technology to be an ‘evil’ constraining our freedom of action, while others perceive it as a boon to maintain public order. One thing is for sure - application of facial recognition CCTV technologies is here to stay.

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