Case Study: Temporary CCTV solution on a construction site

Objective: We have been approached by a large national distributor of soft furnishings with stores in Sheffield, Rotherham, Nottingham, Leeds and Manchester, with the need to provide video security and perimeter control for their new construction project – building of a new distribution centre and warehouse near Manchester. The main requirement was that the security installations should be movable from place to place and quickly deployable to ensure that they do not obstruct the progress of the construction works, whilst still performing their primary role.

Solution: After the discussion of various options and working out the best solution, we proposed a combination of rapidly deployable CCTV towers – 4.5 movable extendable mast with 4 powerful cameras, 4TB recorder and GSM router for instantaneous data transmission – and wireless movable PIR barriers.

Outcome: At the end of every working day, the site manager would place the movable PIR barriers around the perimeter of the site and activate the CCTV towers. Upon detection of any zone entry or line-crossing, PIR sensors send a signal to the nearest CCTV tower to rotate and zoom on the area of the potential intrusion. The live stream is transmitted to our monitoring centre and the project manager’s smartphone – to verify the level of risk and take appropriate actions. The solution has proved to be ideally suited for the project and caused no interruption to its smooth development.

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