CCTV In-Store Heat Map Analytics

It is a sad phenomenon familiar to many shop-owners that rent for retail businesses always goes up and never down, which means that it is crucial to maximise every inch of your retail space. Part of this is to decide what goods to be sold and how to market them most efficiently. In this regard, information about your customers traffic and behaviour is the absolute key to a successful strategy.

CCTV-based heat-mapping technologies allow today’s brick-and-mortar points of sale to know not only what their customers buy but also how they shop, in the same way as the operator of an e-shop can track its customers’ activities on the website.

CCTV Video Content Analysis software provides a heat-map overlay on the image showing the levels of activity over the course of a set time period and paths around the shop, which provides a valuable insight into customers’ behaviour that allows the shop owner to leverage this information to improve the shop’s performance:

- Store utilisation: Experimenting with ideal store layouts isn't a new idea. There is a good reason why groceries tend to place the dairy at the back or middle of the shop – people will always buy dairy so it placing them at the back pulls them deeper into the shop.

- Price optimisation: Studies have shown that touching items increases the chance of consumers making a purchase. The data can help identify pricing problems. For example, if lots of people are touching an item but few are actually buying it, that suggests the merchandise is too expensive.

- A/B testing: Heat mapping allows you to gather data over how consumer make a decision based on the comparison of ‘similar products’.

If you are interested in getting a camera with a heatmapping functionality, then our recommendation would be Samsung Wisenet 4K 12MP Fisheye Camera (PNF-9010R).

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