Challenging “I haven't got anything worth stealing” mentality

Oh, this all-too-familiar preconception shared by so many people about the risk of becoming a victim of a break-in or burglary, which normally comes in the forms of ‘no one will break into my house… we have nothing worth stealing’, ‘If they want to break in they will break in anyway’ and, which is by far my favourite, ‘I don’t care, I’ve got insurance’.

‘I haven't got anything worth stealing’, well, that's what you think. But the burglar doesn't know that. Besides, burglars are not after a large return anyway. This is especially true when it comes to drug-related crimes, where relatively small-value items are often enough for an offender.

The ‘they will break in anyway if they want’ view is also dangerous (as well as somewhat fatalistic). Most break-ins are committed by opportunistic thieves, who use simple tools and wait for the right circumstances. Their modus operandi is – ‘quickly get in, take what looks valuable, and quickly get out’. On the plus side, simple mechanical or electronic security devices often create a sufficient deterrence effect to cause the opportunistic burglar to abandon the plan.

And finally, the ‘I'm insured anyway’ mentality. Have you ever tried to claim compensation for the financial losses caused by a burglary? Well, hopefully you never had to, but if you have then you surely know what a pain it could be and how long it could take.

Those of us who have been unfortunate enough to had to fight an insurance company to get your money, may also have come across the term uberrimae fidei, which is a Latin phrase meaning ‘utmost good faith’. In short, it means that if you, as a policy-holder, failed to disclose (or keep your insurer informed) of any material factor affecting your insurance risks, then the amount of the compensation who may be entitled to may be significantly reduced (hence all sorts of random questions you need to answer when you apply for a quote). Probably, that isn’t something you want to hear after being burgled, let alone that the insurance payment cannot take away the uneasy feeling that comes after a break-in.

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