Da Pinci code: myth or reality?

More than three years have passed since Lanarkshire Police originally shared a list revealing burglar graffiti codes for "goods worth stealing", "vulnerable occupant", "been burgled before" and "too risky" - which was later branded the 'Da Pinci List'.

Whether the thieves' code is actually used is disputed. But many believe that the thieves' code is not used as often as reports in the media would have you believe. However, anyone discovering what may look like a harmless chalk drawing on the house wall, symbols carved into the letter box or on the garage door near their home or their premises should take a closer look.

Example of Da Pinci Code

Whilst it does not necessarily mean that your property has been 'marked' as a house of interest or as a signal to accomplices, it is better be safe than sorry! Take a photo of the symbol and the location and then wipe away the marking. Also report your finding to the police by calling the non-emergency police line (101).

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