Graffiti – a piece of art or an act of vandalism?

Graffiti, as an urban phenomenon, first appeared as a response to social segregation is the US and was adapted as a means of communication and identity by young people in NY in the 1970s. Ranging from simple tagging to the creation of sophisticated paintings, graffiti has remained a highly polarising matter in society and often appears on the agenda lists of lawgivers and order enforcement institutions.

Whilst some claim that graffiti is a form of a street art style bringing colour, creativity and life to otherwise sterile and dull urban environments, others condemn it as a blatant disregard to public order and damage to private property. Whose side are you on – those who think that the sale of a collection of works by British graffiti artist Banksy at an auction for £400,000 just a few months ago was a modest price to pay for a unique piece of art, or those who do not appreciate the ‘artistic intent’ of whoever painted over the wall of their house whilst they were asleep?

Despite the fundamental difference of the views (which would be beyond us to try to resolve) we can offer something that both camps would like – a smart security camera with video content analysis. Adjusted to focus on motion, it uses its starlight sensor to capture every detail of the ‘artist’ and can automatically notify an alarm monitoring centre or the police of anyone deciding to give ‘life’ to the dull wall of your property. At the same time, a graffiti connoisseur equipped with such smart camera can observe the creation of art in real time without unnecessarily disturbing the creator.

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