Happy Halloween! TOP 5 security tips!

Boooo! 👻1 day till Halloween! We hope you will have a great Halloween party but let us give you TOP 5 security tips that may help you, your friends and your loved once. ⠀ 1. 👻Check the treats before eating! You never know…🙊 ⠀ 2. 👻Make your costume bright and visible for passing cars! ⠀ 3. 👻Don’t leave your children unattended! ⠀ 4. 👻Be careful with open flames, consider battery-powered candles for your decoration. ⠀ 5. 👻Don’t be afraid to report a suspicious behaviour- better safe than sorry. Call the police 999 if you see anything that doesn’t look right. ⠀ Have a save Halloween!🧟‍♀️

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