Is your home secure this Christmas? 5 tips to beat the burglar!

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! And ufortunately not only for us, for peacful civilians but also for burlglars. During the Christmas time we stock our houses with valuable gifts and aquisitions like jewellery, laptops and other gadgets. And burglars know about that.

Please spend 3 min and read carefully our top 5 tips to prevent any possible Christams dissapointment.

1. Make your house visible & sparkling at night. Investing in beautiful Christmas outdoor decorations is not only aesthetically pleasing  but also useful. The burglar would prefer to avoid houses where he can be noticed too quickly.

2. If you follow step 1 please also make sure you follow step 2! The most common mistake is to supply power to outdoor lighting decorations by cables through partially opened doors and windows. That is a big 'NO-NO'.  Make sure to either have an outdoor power socket or battery and do not make it easier for burglars.

3. Make your house look occupied all the time even if you are out. For that purpose use a timer switch which will operate lighting at your house to show like someone is in.

4. Watch your garbage. Ha! May sound funny but did you know that throwing away the package of your newest 4k TV 50’’ or iPhone X is a signal for burglars that there is something valuable for them at your house!? Put your rubbish out just before collection!

5. Let us be honest, we wouldn’t be a security supplier if we didn’t mention CCTV and other security products that can keep you safe. It is not just about getting a security camera - which is no big deal, less than £100 and you have a professional, weather-proof IP-camera that you can install in 15 minutes - it is about monitoring your camera in real-time. We can offer a fixed one-month over-the-Christmas period professional monitoring service to keep an eye on your house and Christmas mood by protecting it against any break-ins to give you the peace of mind and let you spend your time with your family and friends. Want to know more about our real-time monitoring, then click here.

We wish you have a safe Christmas!


Your Armsec

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