Launch of a new generation Hikvision AcuSense product line

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• Upgraded deep learning algorithms

• Enhanced motion detection

• Flashing light and two-way voice communication

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It has now been over 2 months since Hikvision unveiled its 2020 AcuSense cameras and recorders line and it’s a good time for us to share some of our initial thoughts.

Smart Identification and Sorting

The latest Hikvision AcuSense series was widely marketed as a new step in the security industry engineered with an upgraded deep learning algorithm which is intended to provide synchronised live-time VCA (video content analysis) to differentiate between “objects of interest”, such as “human”, “vehicle” “opened door” etc, and other “non-significant” objects - rain drops, animals, or the movement of foliage. The idea being that the former will be prioritised and the device’s recourses will be automatically dedicated to focus, track and monitor such objects of interest and the latter will be largely disregarded, minimising the level of false alarms and mis-identifications.

The result is a striking reduction in false alarms – now with an accuracy approaching 98%. In this way, security personnel can focus on genuine security issues and take action. Additionally, related videos are automatically sorted by categories for easier search.

AcuSense technology motion detection

On the back of the enhanced object identification and sorting, the latest AcuSense motion detection features a remarkable improvement in motion detection capabilities. More specifically, when motion is detected, the system analyses whether or not it is associated with ‘an object of interest’ (e.g. a human movement or a vehicle entering a pre-designated zone), and whether an alarm should be triggered. So, the user would not be bombarded with false alarm notifications when the weather gets a bit windy (our customers in windy Yorkshire and Derbyshire definitely appreciate that).

Strobe light and Voice Alarm

The new AcuSense line features a flashing light and a two-way voice communication to provide real-time deterrence. As soon as an alarm is triggered, the built-in light flashes and a pre-recorded audio warning can be activated. One feature that is lacking (in our opinion) is the ability to customise the pre-recorded warning as (as at the time of writing) only Hikvision’s default messages can be used.

Our verdict – a strong security choice for residential and commercial sites and it comes at affordable prices! Hikvision’s user-friendly interface makes this camera series easy-to-install and therefore an ideal choice for DIY set-ups (that is, if you are thinking of things to do during the lockdown).

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