Want to save on CCTV installation costs – look for Plug-and-Play (PnP) devices.

There is a something of a myth that the installation of all CCTV systems requires a high level of technical knowledge and can therefore be carried out exclusively by professionals (which, understandably, is often propagated by those same ‘professionals’).

Whilst professional installation is an absolute ‘must’ for large-scale or technically complex projects – airports, hospitals, embassies – there is a big question mark about how much value it actually brings over DIY installation for the vast majority of residential and small- and medium-sized commercial CCTV systems.

Professional CCTV Installation prices vary dramatically but, as a rule of thumb, you should normally be able to get a ‘1 Camera CCTV kit + installation’ from around £550+VAT with around £1,000+VAT for a ‘4 Camera CCTV kit+ installation’ – so it is not cheap. On the cost-benefit analysis it is therefore not uncommon for many people to prefer to do the installation themselves and achieve exactly the same result but £1k better off.

If you considering a DIY CCTV installation option and want to keep quick and simple (as well as cost-efficient), then one of the things you need to be looking out for is whether the CCTV equipment that you want to buy uses a ‘Plug-and-Play’ (PnP) technology. PnP does exactly what its name suggests – all you need to do is to plug a cable into the device to make it work, without the need for physical device configuration or user intervention in resolving resource conflicts.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, the technologies have not advanced so far as to do the mounting of your CCTV for you (although we are probably getting there), PnP is a great help for DIY installation.

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