You think it could be your neighbour but don’t know for sure?

Beautiful morning, a cup of fresh coffee and there is seemingly noting that could spoil your day… except perhaps that new scratch that just discovered on your car. This might have resulted from a carelessly opened door of the car of your neighbour, sloppy cyclist or a direct hit by a football. All in all – your day is hopelessly ruined.

Statistically, most scrapes, dents and other minor damage occur not whilst driving, but when your car is parked. This could be due to tights parking spots, dim night-time street lighting or, simply, people’s careless driving, all of which is extremely frustrating. On the bright side, there is a very simple and effective solution – a smart video surveillance system with VCA (video content analysis).

Unlike old, traditional video cameras, smart surveillance systems, fitted with a night vision, can be set to detect motion and focus on areas of interest, focusing on faces and plate registration numbers of other vehicles.

Whether you are a house-owner and don’t want to get up in panic every time your car alarm goes off or a businessman with a parking area in from of your business premises – get in touch and book the installation of a smart video surveillance solution with Armsec, a professional security company

Armsec offers smart video surveillance equipment both for sale and to rent, with prices from £15 per month.

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