The GV17 Cellular Gate Controller is a wireless remote control on/off switch that can be used to remotely control gates, barriers, garage doors, loading dock doors etc., via the GSM or 3G cell phone network or via the Protegus App. 


Calls at the controller are free of charge as the controller rejects the call without answering and switch on the device connected to it. 


It can be activated by dialling or sending a text message at the installed sim card within the controller (a sim cards is not included and is available separately).


It comes with an optional 3G module to improve reception which makes it the ideal solution for areas with low signal strength from mobile telephone networks.



  • Easy installation – insert a SIM and connect the controller to device you want to control.
  • One 1A relay and two PGM outputs to:
  • Remote control with:
    • Protegus app (iOS, Android, Web)
    • Phone call (cost-free, device rejects incoming calls)
    • SMS messages  
  • Remote setup and administration


Cellular gate controller GV17 (TX-GV17)

Cellular Modems

VAT included

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