8-32 zone and 4 PGM security control panel with integrated GSM communicator, in aluminum casing.


Panel features:

  • Metal housing for mainboard protection
  • Control panel of this form is designed for securing cash dispensers, transformers, wind or solar plants and other similar objects
  • 8 zones (expandable up to 32)
  • 4 PGM outputs, controlled with a phone call or with SMS message
  • Port for connecting two-wire fire (smoke) detector
  • AC or DC power supply
  • Message transmission through GPRS to the main or backup IP addresses. If GRPS connection is lost, messages are sent with SMS messages
  • Messages are sent in Contact ID codes
  • Constant control of connection with CMS
  • Information about events to users with SMS messages or telephone calls
  • Port for connecting additional VHF/UHF, Ethernet or GSM transmitter
  • Event log
  • Remote configuration, control and update from CMS
  • Control with our Protegus or with Paradox K32+, K32, K636, K10V, K10H keypads, OS Android program, phone call, SMS or iButton key


Control panel SP133

SKU: SP133

VAT included

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