GSW2 PLUS is an advanced GSM communication device that can be programmed with up to 1000 phone numbers (vis-a-vis 200 in the standard version). 


Its operation is simple: Simply insert a micro SIM card into SIM card slot in the GSW2 unit, connect power supply and and connect the switch to the automated gates you wish to operate. Finally, add authorised users who can remotely control the switch.


It provides secure wireless remote control of equipment and systems. When a user, who is on the authoised list, calls the nominated phone number of the GSW2 PLUS device, it recognises the user’s phone number and opens the gates.


The device allows master users to add and delete individual users from the system via Web server, Smartphone app, USB connection to PC or with a simple text message command (SMS).


GSW2 PLUS can also be used to connect door phone unit with a GSM intercom application, temperature sensor, backup battery, RF module or any Wiegand operated access control unit (e.g. proximity card readers and access entry keypads).


GSW2 PLUS supports up to 1000 access codes (PIN) and up to 100 temporary access codes (SPIN).


GSW2 PLUS is ideal for a wide range of security applications. It can operate gates, barriers, shutters, garage doors and entry doors remotely and securely using the Caller ID - without any call costs. It is suitable for residential and business premises, condominiums, hospitals, hotels and factories.


GSW1 unit is made in the EU using durable materials and comes with a clear installation instructions, which makes its set-up quick and simple.


Key Features


  • Supports up to 1000  (200 in standard version) Caller ID - Dial to open - telephone numbers
  • Supports up to 1000 access entry codes (PIN, RFID cards, Keyfobs)
  • Up to 100 temporary access codes - SPIN
  • 2 alarm inputs
  • 2 relay outputs
  • Wiegand input
  • Wiegand output
  • Temperature probe (on special request)
  • RS485 Modbus protocol serial port
  • Up to 20.000 event log entries
  • Set up all features with Web server, with EasySet SW on your PC, with Smartphone apps or with using an unique SMS programming


GSW2 PLUS 1000 Advanced GSM/GPRS communication device

Power Supply Unit
  •  GSW2 PLUS 1000 Installation Manual  1.59 MB Download
     GSW2 PLUS 1000 Quick Start Guide 490.59 KB Download
    GSW2 PLUS Product DataSheet 943.99 KB Download
     GSW2 PLUS User Manual 1.74 MB Download


VAT included

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