The microphone is designed for both indoor and outdoor use (if it is not exposed to rain / wind).

You can add this microphone in-line, so the microphone can take it's power from the same DC cable as your camera (via the female input) and then feed the rest to the camera (via the male output). This means you only need to use 1 power adapter and you don't have to run 2 power cables for the camera and audio separately.



  • High Gain 12V Audio Microphone with in-line power 
  • Suitable for any camera set up that records audio 
  • Integrates with your DVR / NVR or monitor 
  • Great indoor use or outdoor if well sheltered 



Inline Audio Microphone for Security Camera

SKU: cctvmicrophone
  • Voltage: DC 12V
    Current Consumption: 10mA
    DC Power Input Socket: 2.1mm female (RED)
    DC Power Output Plug: 2.1mm male (Black)
    Audio Output Socket: RCA Phono female (White)
    Frequency Range: 200-10kHz
    Output Impedance: 600 Ohms

VAT included

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